How to remove Lenovo Superfish

Superfish is not Super Fly

Lenovo has been selling computers with a pre-installed adware program that could allow hackers to (pretty easily) steal personal information such as passwords and bank credentials. The adware, created by a company called Superfish, was intended to deliver users targeted ads based on their browsing history and online activity. Although many people have found the

02 Mar 2015
Content Marketing Trends of 2015

Content Marketing Trends in 2015

Much like the ever-changing persona landscape [link], content marketing changes each year to grow and keep up with target markets and consumer mindset. Get a head start on the competition and make the most of your marketing efforts with content that is relevant and on-point with these top content marketing trend predictions for 2015. A

19 Feb 2015
The Future of Google Glass

The Future of Google Glass | A Summary

Google announced last month that the Google Glass project is “graduating” from the famous Google[x] lab and the Google Glass Explorer Edition will no longer be available while the company works on a brand new version. The new team, led by Ivy Ross, a jewelry designer, and Tony Fadell, a former Apple product executive and

12 Feb 2015
2015 gartnertechtrendsheader

Gartner’s Technology Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

By 2015, there will be more than 40 vendors with commercially available managed services offerings leveraging smart machines and industrialized services. These machines will affect both physical labor and tasks based on complex knowledge. However, Smart machines won’t replace humans entirely “as people still need to steer the ship and are critical to interpreting digital

05 Feb 2015

2015 Annual Browser Review + Infographic

PDF DOWNLOAD: 2015_Annual Browser Review This year’s annual browser review covers not only the top three best browsers but the top ten most popular browsers compared to each other. The infographic lists the browsers from best to worst based on the following performance statistics: Speed & Compatibility Features Security Help & Support Overall Rating Download this year’s

22 Jan 2015

You’ve Been Hacked! How to Know and What to Do | Antivirus, Task Manager, or Registry Editor are Disabled

Weekly released mini-blogs featuring signs you may be hacked and how to fix them. Anti-virus, Task Manager, or Registry Editor are not working and you can’t start them. If a hacker can first compromise the security of your computer then they are free to carry out much more comprehensive attacks against you. So this is

08 Jan 2015
Christmas Lights blog header

The Bright History and Technology of Christmas Lights

Holiday lighting technology was originally developed to replace candles. At first, only used during the Christmas holidays, modern electric light arrays have become popular around the world in many cultures for both religious festivals and other purposes unconnected to religious festivities. The First Bulbs – Incandescent Holiday Lights Incandescent light bulbs were the most commonly

23 Dec 2014
Mouse is Moving on its own

You’ve Been Hacked! How to Know and What to Do | Your Computer Comes Alive and Your Mouse is Moving by Itself

Weekly released mini-blogs featuring signs you may be hacked and how to fix them. Your mouse moves between programs and makes selections that appear to be looking for your personal data and your money If your mouse pointer moves itself and makes selections that work, you’ve definitely been hacked. Mouse pointers can move randomly; usually

11 Dec 2014
What Makes a Network Reliable Infographic Series Blog Header

What Makes A Network Reliable? + Infographic

In this, the third installation in our infographic series about Networks, we enumerate the features and functions that make your Network reliable. We refer to them as the Network Reliability Functions because the degree to which you provide for these functions is the degree to which you can rely on your Network to be available

04 Dec 2014

Shopping Safety Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is upon us. Followed closely by Black Friday and Cyber Monday; two of the busiest shopping days of the year. Over 48% of Americans plan to use computers and mobile devices to shop Cyber Monday sales; making this weekend into a peak hunting season for hackers and their malware, phishing and spam. Cybercriminals could

25 Nov 2014
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