Google and Gmail officially roll out Undo Send email function

Google Officially Rolls Out the Ability to Undo Sent Emails

Everyone has experienced moments when they wish they could undo a sent email. Those moments where an email was sent to the wrong recipient, contained misspelled a word or name, or accidentally said something they wished they hadn’t. Starting this week, Gmail account holders will have the option to cancel the delivery of an email

25 Jun 2015
How to encrypt your USB flash drive using TrueCrypt software

How To Encrypt Your USB Flash Drive Using TrueCrypt

USB flash drives are great for transporting files and documents. On the other hand, the small size and ease of mobility also has disadvantages. Thumb drives are incredibly easy to forget in the USB port and they’re small enough to fall out of—or be taken from—your pocket or bag unnoticed. Because theft or human error

18 Jun 2015
Tips to Avoid Malicious Phone Apps

Tips to Avoid Malicious Phone Apps

The smart phone has become the go-to device for talking, texting, web browsing, picture taking, and even banking. Millions of phone applications (Apps) are downloaded daily to enhance the individual experience and cater to the users many needs. However, just as viruses invade computers, phones are also a prime target for malicious programs that are

11 Jun 2015
Biodegradable computer chips made from wood

Tree Tech | Biodegradable Computer Chips Made From Wood

In the US, about 10 million tons of new electronics entered the market in 2012. According to a recent study the United Stated topped the chart in terms of e-waste generated per resident at a staggering 65.5 pounds of e-waste produced per person each year. In an effort to alleviate the environmental burden of electronic devices has

04 Jun 2015
The rise of virtual reality for consumers

The Rise of Virtual Reality for Consumers

The concept and invention of virtual reality as we know it was starting development in the late 50’s and early 60’s, 20 years ago virtual reality was in its consumer adoption infancy. One of the first attempts at mass market consumer VR was Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. While there are numerous theories about why the Virtual

28 May 2015
Windows as a service with windows 10

New Beginnings for Microsoft | Windows 10 Isn’t the End

Since September 2014, Windows 10 has been the talk of the Microsoft OS world. Opting to skip Windows 9, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 will be the “last Windows”. Contrary to initial belief, this marks the beginning of a new side of Microsoft OS, not the end. Introducing Windows as a Service While all

14 May 2015
How to organize your email inbox for apple, outlook, or gmail

How to Organize your Email

It’s estimated that 196.4 billion emails will be sent/received per day in 2015. If you feel like a large portion of that number is currently flooding your inbox and taking over your life, it may be time to finally get organized with your email. Create Folders Your inbox is meant exclusively for “new mail” and

07 May 2015
Why you should kill your geotagging

Why You Should Kill Your Geotagging

What Is Geotagging? Most smart phones and electronic devices with a camera are equipped with a GPS that saves your location and embeds that information in pictures you take. Invisible to the naked eye, a geo-tag contains specific details like the time and date the photo was taken along with the exact location of where

30 Apr 2015
5 truths about technology

5 Truths About Technology

There are countless myths within the world of technology. Most of them are false, rumors, or have a shred of truth that has been stretched. On the other hand, there are also many truths about every day technology that escape the rumor mill. Here are five little known facts and truths about technology to enlighten

23 Apr 2015
8 technology myths debunked header

8 Technology Myths Debunked

1. Magnets erase data. Solid State Drives (SSD) and other forms of flash memory (found in laptops, smartphones and USB drives) wouldn’t be affected by a magnet because no magnetic field is necessary to record or store data. Hard disk drives (HDD), however, do use magnetic bits and therefore a magnet could technically disrupt the

16 Apr 2015
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