Why you should kill your geotagging

Why You Should Kill Your Geotagging

What Is Geotagging? Most smart phones and electronic devices with a camera are equipped with a GPS that saves your location and embeds that information in pictures you take. Invisible to the naked eye, a geo-tag contains specific details like the time and date the photo was taken along with the exact location of where

30 Apr 2015
5 truths about technology

5 Truths About Technology

There are countless myths within the world of technology. Most of them are false, rumors, or have a shred of truth that has been stretched. On the other hand, there are also many truths about every day technology that escape the rumor mill. Here are five little known facts and truths about technology to enlighten

23 Apr 2015
8 technology myths debunked header

8 Technology Myths Debunked

1. Magnets erase data. Solid State Drives (SSD) and other forms of flash memory (found in laptops, smartphones and USB drives) wouldn’t be affected by a magnet because no magnetic field is necessary to record or store data. Hard disk drives (HDD), however, do use magnetic bits and therefore a magnet could technically disrupt the

16 Apr 2015
apple watch vs. other smart watches

Apple Watch vs Other Smart Watches

Apple Watch will be released April 24 and available for preorder April 10. With the wait finally coming to an end, we now have specific details on what the iPhone-compatible watch can do. Although the release of Apple Watch is highly anticipated, it’s far from being the first smart watch on the market. If you’re

09 Apr 2015
Google ChromeBit turns any TV into a Computer

Google’s New, Pocket-Sized Personal Computer

Google is introducing a new computer that’s just slightly larger than an average USB drive. It’s called the Google Chromebit and it turns any TV into a personal computer. Although the tiny device looks more like a Chromecast, Google’s digital media device, it does so much more. The Chromecast allows you to stream Netflix and

02 Apr 2015

Say Goodbye to Internet Explorer; Microsoft is finally replacing their vintage browser

Microsoft will be phasing out Internet Explorer and introducing a new browser later this year, marketing head Chris Capossela confirmed. The next browser will use a new name (for now it’s codenamed “Project Spartan”) and have entirely new branding. At the Microsoft Convergence Conference last week, Capossela said “we’re now researching what the new brand,

26 Mar 2015
8 easy ways to spring clean your computer header

8 Easy Ways to Spring Clean your Computer + Infographic

With sunny days ahead, you may be planning to do some spring cleaning around the house. Don’t forget to include cleaning your computer on that list of projects. Besides literally cleaning/dusting your keyboard, mouse, fan and monitor, you can also do these eight things internally to make your computer run faster and smoother. Clean up

19 Mar 2015
7 tips to avoid getting a computer virus

7 Tips to Avoid Getting a Computer Virus

Although proper network and internet security takes advanced tools like antivirus software, that is not enough to keep you safe; you must also be aware and prepared.  Here are our recommendations that will help you stay safe on the internet. Good To Know Know how to spot a fake email and check an email’s legitimacy.

12 Mar 2015
Top ten most vulnerable operating systems and applications of 2014

The Most Vulnerable Operating Systems and Applications in 2014

Most people consider Mac or Apple the safest operating systems and know Windows as the less-cool, virus-prone alternative. However, according to the US National Vulnerability Database (NVD), Mac OS X and Apple iOS were the top 2 most vulnerable operating systems in 2014, with Linux Kernel in third place and finally Microsoft Windows 2008 in

05 Mar 2015
How to remove Lenovo Superfish

Superfish is not Super Fly

Lenovo has been selling computers with a pre-installed adware program that could allow hackers to (pretty easily) steal personal information such as passwords and bank credentials. The adware, created by a company called Superfish, was intended to deliver users targeted ads based on their browsing history and online activity. Although many people have found the

02 Mar 2015
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